Consentrat Hyaluronic Acid, NOT for Injection, Germany, Genuiene, 7 ampuls with protect.

Active concentrate Hyaluronic Acid contains the necessary ingredients that accelerate the process of cell regeneration.Since a very rich composition, it is an analogue of mesotherapy, but not injection.

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 Perfectly combined:

1. With all cosmetic electrical machines' procedures, especially with Laser;

2. After peelings and massages;

3. Prolongs the effect of injection procedures-fillers, especially on lips.

Organic bio-compatible with human cell, does not cause any adverse reactions and is suitable for all skin types!
Helps developing natural collagen and hyaluronic in body and regeneration of human cells.
High Quality, approved by Dermatest. 

How does this line differ from the previous brands?

It contains 0.35% two-level Hyaluronic ( high and low molecular) and a rich composition.

How effective is cream, serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid?

It is known that the composition of creams and serums includes a small amount and mainly high Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, which is due to large molecules does not penetrate the skin barrier, therefore has a moisturising effect only on the surface of the epidermis.Therefore, it is necessary to know and understand the difference between high and low Molecular Weight.

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