Exclusive. Eyelash Serum, Germany, result after 2 weeks.

Fantastic beautiful and natural lashes for a more expressive look.

The unique formula of the eyelash serum is enriched with panthenol, chamomile flower extract and isopropyl, which ensures growths of eyelashes and eyebrows. Benzioc acid is being used as antiseptic in medicine, also contributes to a more dark and full eyelashes using 2-3 weeks.

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This complex of active ingredients stimulates the roots of eyelashes or eyebrows, improves the growth phase. The product is dermatologically tested and contains only ingredients with proven efficiency and compatibility. Without dyes, flavorings and preservatives (parabens). Does not cause redness or irritation. The serum combines the latest scientific advancements in cosmetic and medical research with highly effective ingredients.
Get real long eyelashes in a short period of time. * 

Brush on your eyelid every evening like eyeliner. • 

Does not contain oil. * Clinically tested serum with proven effect. Approved in accordance with the EU cosmetics Directive. It contains nutrients and substances that promote growth.


kr 60.00